The Stoneware / Keramik standing for their clear edges and the philosophy of reduction.

Each ceramic is handmade by Matthias and Johannes Schweizer.

The raw clay and the shape of the block actually already defines the final result. Every block is different and so is the outcome.

Our objects can contribute to a more unified sense of space. This helps you calm down by making you feel more comfortable.

Our goal is to make the whole thing as raw as possible. To present the stony character, we have specifically decided not to glaze the objects.

In the end the firing process makes the material extremely hard. Then, you preserve the decisions you have made forever. After that, you can’t change anything.

Gently we sign each object with the unique OBS stamp and a handwritten signature.

Our objects impress with their unique and raw appearance. Sharp lines and precise dimensions are key expressions of the minimalistic OBS language.