Grat / Silver Ring

The Grat / Silver Ring features a melted surface which embodies the elaborate craftsmanship that went into its making.

The solid silver ring is handmade by the artist Franziska Schweizer.

The goldsmith begins by heating 925 silver to 890 degrees Celsius. Including the sprue, about 20 grams of silver are needed per ring.

After casting, the ring is ground with three different grinding gauges and polished with felt and cotton.

Once the ring is polished, it is fired to prepare it for deep oxidation.

To complete the ring, the OBS logo is engraved with a diamond sliver.

The Grat / Silver Ring is a show-stopping addition to your everyday fine jewelry collection.

About the Artist
Franziska Schweizers artwork is characterized by her affinity to nature and her passion for filigree design.

The Augsburg-based artist was trained as a goldsmith in Neugablonz. After completing her studies, she set up her own business ‚Goldschmiede Schweizer‘ with her husband Lukas. When designing for her collections, Franziska draws inspiration from antique jewelry and gemstones with strong character.

In her work for OBS, she uses elaborate manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials. The jewelry pieces reflect both the technical OBS character and the typical precision of the artist.

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